History Of Kuravan

Why We Are Here

The Literacy rate among Kuravan caste is generally very low and the growth rate in the past three decades seems to be well below 15 %. Hence the level of awareness that prevails amongst the Kuravan caste pertaining to the schemes, plans put forward by the Govt. for their welfare and methods to obtain caste certificates is very less. Hence it necessitates the formulation of society/ sangam to educate the people with these facts, plans and schemes and help them claim their rights.

“Kurinjiar Samuga Needhi Peravai“

is a registered society (Reg.No.124/2016) with the Head Office functioning at door No. 10 Vengannaa Street, Pollachi Coimbatore District . The visionary Thiru M. Jaganathan is the Founder and President of the sangam, renders an exemplary work for the cause of well-being of people of our Kuravan Community and to assist them in legal tangles and court cases to get rid of their obstacles / hitches with respect to the matter of issuance, verification and genuineness of the community certificates


Who belonging to “ Kuravan “ caste community and citizen of India who is 1 year or above may become a member of the sangam on payment of enrollment fee Rs.100/- He shall apply to the president of the sangam in the format prescribed below. If a person wants to become a lifetime member, he has to pay one year subscription fee of Rs.100/- . Every member including the permanent member, the membership card is valid for 3 years. After the expiry of the validity, fresh card will be issued against the payment of Rs.100/- .

What We Do

The Sangam will render all possible services to the members in obtaining the community certificates from The Revenue Authorities and also in getting the benefits from the Govt. of State, Central which are meant for the Kuravan caste people provided the member approaches the sangam. Also, the sangam will lend their hand to any member whose case has been referred to the State Level Scrutiny Committee for verification of genuineness of the caste.